Here is what people are saying regarding Michael's work

Before I go into detail, let me just say up front that I will definitely be hiring him again. He was truly spectacular.

Michael quickly built repoire, safety and trust with me and my team. He guided us through embodied activities that he expertly scaffolded throughout the session. By the end of the session, my team was expressing their gratitude for his expertise and felt much more connected as a group and ready to tackle our work together with vigor and passion.

I firmly believe this training was a huge success because of Michael’s unique approach, amazing attitude, and willingness to be a co leaner in the room despite his obvious expertise. He blended all his learning about improv and psychology to create a fascinating workshop that honors people, celebrates play and creates community.

A huge thank you to Michael Vargas for this amazing gift!
— Brendan Simon, Program Manager at Kaiser Permanente

With Michael’s facilitation, I think the best thing is that it built comradery really quickly with a group of people who had to work through some really sticky problems. What I was amazed by most was how fast his techniques were able to get us to that place.
— Eric Chagala, Principal of the Vista Innovation & Design Academy

I liked that Michael’s facilitation made us have fun, step out of our comfort zone, get vulnerable and have the ability to connect with others. I will use Michael’s techniques with my team and it’s something I can implement every day. I’m in a leadership role, and it will give me the chance to have our team connect.
— Melissa Reynolds, Business Analyst and Project Manager at CGI

He did a good job of tying in how these fun activities could tie into the actual group dynamics that we were going to face later. The activities helped us later down the line when we were encountering certain situations to stop and think back, ‘Oh, this is like Michaels exercise let me see how I can re approach this social dynamic and improve what we were doing’.
— Maura Deignan, Management Consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton