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Use team building that remove barriers to increase productivity.

You know the feeling when something doesn't feel right with your team.

You can’t put your finger on it, and you feel really uncomfortable talking about it with them, worried about being put down, ignored. Plus you don't want to seem like a your the crazy one for speaking up.

There may be times when your team members aren’t communicating really well, they just keep talking over one another or not speaking up at all.

Maybe they’re not engaged and everyone is off doing their own thing. Or there are a few people who get into some really heated arguments which derails the whole team.

Sometimes you might even want to question, why are we doing the things that we do, and where are we headed.

These are all symptoms of a shaky team culture.

What is team culture?

Team culture are the norms, rules, values and behaviors shared by a team.  It's how people work together and treat one another when working towards a common purpose.

Team Building in San Diego 2

Why is it important?

Simply put it's the glue and grease of a team.  When team culture is understood and fully agreed upon, it develops:

  • Deeper connections

  • Clearer vision

  • More focus

  • Consistent outcomes and performance

  • Higher levels of engagement

  • More innovative ideas

  • Ability to identifying problems quicker

  • Higher rates of productivity

  • Increased retention rates

  • A great sense of overall happiness

Michael did a good job of tying in how these fun activities could tie into the actual group dynamics that we were going to face later. The activities helped us later down the line when we were encountering certain situations to stop and think back, ‘Oh, this is like Michaels exercise let me see how I can re-approach this social dynamic and improve what we were doing’.
— Maura Deignan, Management Consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton
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Here are some of the organizations Michael has worked with and spoken at

I will use what I learned from Michael in my work to better empathize and understand the people around me to create a better work environment
— Stephen Somers, User Experience Designer at Evasyst