Michael uses his Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology along with his improv background to lead teams to develop a culture of high performance through open and honest conversations, while having fun!

Michael has over eight years of group facilitation experience, beginning with leading groups at substance abuse and mental health facilities.  Teaching clients skills such as effective communication, symptoms management, mindfulness, community engagement and so on.  His facilitation method creates a feeling of safety and connection, guiding clients to become comfortable with sharing their personal experiences and challenges.  This leads the team to a deeper understanding of themselves and their peers, while providing them the skills needed to achieve their goals.

In 2013 Michael began facilitating at Leela, an improv theatre company in San Francisco.  Utilizing his Masters degree in Clinical Psychology and improv background he created fun and impactful experiences. He then utilized the tools of improv and psychology to train corporations on team culture, creativity, communication and team development.  Some of the corporations include Dropbox, Salesforce, Kaiser Permanente, Founders Network, HCL America.  Michael is passionate about bringing groups of people together to create, learn and grow with one another while developing deeper relationships and having fun in the process. 

Michael's Focus

Person Centered

Person centered focus is figuring out what you and your team members truly want.  You are the one’s who have the answers and Michael will work with your team on discovering what solutions work best for them.  To help the team discover their voice and obtain a strong sense of trust and confidence with one another.

Strength and
Values Based

Michael focuses on strengths, what you and your team are good at.  Then we identify your shared values that everyone commits to. This creates a strong and focused team.

Solution Focused

First there must be an understanding of what the problem is. Once there is a clear picture Michael will work with your to focus on the solution.  The solution is where change and growth is possible.