Corporate Training and Team Development

"Before I go into detail, let me just say up front that Mike Vargas is the best Improv trainer I've come across and I will definitely be hiring him again for more events.  He was truly spectacular"

-Brendan Simon, Program Manager at Kaiser Permanente

Founders Network, Awesome group of people!!

Michael believes in creating connections and relationships through a shared experience and the vessel for that experience is improv.

He works with corporations and organizations bringing their teams together to connect, strengthen their communication skills, empathy, developing a "yes and" mindset, expanding their creativity, and other skills while providing some fun along the way.

Michael also currently work as an instructor for Leela, an improv theater company and training center. He teaches beginners the basic principles of improv and how to find their truth though the art form of improv.   

Here are some of the companies Michael has worked with and spoken at

Michael is talented at coaching people to push their boundaries and break out of their comfort zones through improv. He facilitated our introductory class with a thoughtful, methodical approach, creating a safe space that allowed us to let loose. By the conclusion of the class, I was more confident in my interactions with others onstage and off. If you’re looking for a fun way to spark creativity, collaboration and communication in your organization, try a hand at improv with Michael!
— Joan Touchstone, Level I Improv Class