Michael Provides Powerful Trainings for Groups to Become A Stronger and Better Community While Having a Blast

Michael has a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Central Florida and was able to learn how to listen, process, understand, and create a direction for what comes next.  He has worked  in the psychology/ personal development field for over seven years working with people one-on-one and in groups. He has also been in theatre for thirteen years and improv for ten.  With his improv background he is able to be creative and present with the  people he works with and utilize the tools in improv which are helpful guidelines for connections and relationships.  His ability to combine his psychological and improv training allow a unique and supportive guidance to help groups of people come together in a fun and growth oriented way.  

Michael's Focus

Person Centered

Person centered focus is figuring out what it is you truly want.  You are the one with all the answers, he will work on discovering the solutions with you and help you develop personal insight.  To help you discover your voice and to obtain a strong sense of trust and confidence with yourself.

Strength Based

Strength Based focuses on what it is you are good at and your personal truth.  The only way to create relationships is to identify your values, showing them to others, and find those who connect to your beliefs.  

Solution Focused

First there must be an understanding of what the problem is. Once there is a clear picture Michael will work with you to focus on the solution.  The solution is where change and growth is possible, if you focus only on the problem that is where you will stay.